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We want our teens to thrive and become successful, and one of the best ways to become successful is to go to school and study hard and get good grades. That’s why we will work with the teens in our community to go back to school and work hard.

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About us


The Organization of Sober Teens is a dedicated team that aims to combat the problems caused by alcoholism that teens experience. We strive to provide resources for teens to help educate them the causes of alcoholism, the impacts of addiction, and how to help.

Whether you are a parent, a guardian, a school teacher, or a teen yourself who is looking for help,  we are here for you.

We will provide you with information about alcohol, including scholarly research about the effects of alcohol, how it can impact your professional life, as well as your personal life. We will also help provide you with resources to help you move forward with your life.

We encourage our readers to share our work with friends, and family, who you feel might be having issues with alcohol themselves, and may not realize it themselves. Many people have problems they may not realize that they have, and they need a good friend to stand by them and encourage them to seek out help. One of the subjects we teach is how some teens grow up with the impression that alcoholism is normal and acceptable, and they fall into alcoholism themselves. We hope to build a community of caring teens to help combat teens experiencing addiction, and one of the best ways to do that is to say something when they see something.

We also understand how alcoholism may impact teens as they grow into adulthood, and how it may affect their professional, or educational efforts, as well as future relationships. We want teens to grow and contribute to society.

We also encourage teens to write into us and share their stories about alcoholism and how it’s impacted their life, and how they deal with it in their regular life, and how they combat it.

Our service

We will offer plenty of support for students who need help in their classes and will help them find more help if they need to do that.

Self Help Group

Self-help groups are amazing communities that you can get involved with to surround yourself with others like you


It’s never easy to admit to yourself that you might have a problem. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to others and to share your thoughts.

Social Events

We will also help you out in finding social groups so you can do the things you like to do. If you want to play a game of soccer.

Tutor Sessions

We offer tutoring sessions here at the organization. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who will sit down with students and help them

College Entrance Exams

We will help you with entrance tests for colleges, and we will help you write your entrance letter too. Getting into college is very stressful for students

Career Assistance

We have a team dedicated to helping students out with writing up their resumes and preparing for job interviews. We will also help them out

Health Experts
Satisfied Teens
Counseling rooms

Happy Teens

Our Gallery

There are so many activities you can participate in if you’re looking to overcome your alcohol problems. One of our missions is to share those activities with you

Advice from Experts

We encourage our readers to share our work with friends, and family, who you feel might be having issues with alcohol themselves, and may not realize it themselves.

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