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How To Stay Sober In College?

Staying sober in college can seem like an uphill task, especially as stress and opportunities to drink seem to be constant. It also doesn’t help that college students are usually surrounded by friends and fraternity/sorority siblings who are often willing to experiment and can be quite convincing. All these notwithstanding, it is possible to stay sober. All it takes is a will and the right way to do it. This article will be highlighting some tested and trusted tips for staying sober in college.

So, how to be sober while studying in college? Some helpful tips for staying sober while in college include:

Live In An Alcohol-Free Zone

This is probably the most workable of all the tips for staying sober as most colleges either offer sober living residences or can fix students up with sober living housing on request. There might be a need to fight many battles to stay sober. But it is best to pick one’s battles wisely by staying in an environment that is free from constant temptation. One’s home should be a safe place.

Stay Busy

Staying busy might involve getting a parttime job or joining other extracurricular activities that do not require alcohol. Parties are used as a means of handling stress, but if you’re otherwise occupied, you won’t be tempted to attend. While college party tips like filling your red cup with cranberry juice or soda can be helpful, it is better to completely avoid putting yourself in a position where you have to use subterfuge. Also, the extra money earned from a part-time job can also help you buy books or even other treats.

Getting a part-time job or signing up for fun sober activities like football, lacrosse, soccer, and book clubs are practical tips for staying sober while also being beneficial to yourself.

Join Sober Groups

Being sober and becoming happy is the dream of every addict. Sober groups like Alcoholics Anonymous help make this dream come through. For those who have had a brush with addiction, it is best to join these organizations, so you don’t fall off the wagon. The campus counseling center can give you information on available groups. But if your college doesn’t have one, you can create one with the help of the counseling staff.

Maintain Healthy Living

Trying to stay sober while battling with health issues is the surest way to fall into temptation. Turning down alcohol and drugs can require a strength of will that will be compromised by ill-health. Learn to manage the stress of studying by acquiring stress management skills. For bodily injuries, consult a doctor while the services of a therapist should be enlisted for mental health.

Seek Counseling

There are days you will find yourself asking questions like, “Why be sober?” Or situations where getting drunk and staying drunk would seem like a good idea. Therapists are trained professionals who can talk you down the ledge and even ensure you do not get to that level of despondency in the first place. A therapist will teach you how to always put your mental and physical health first, how to cope sobriety, and also how to avoid pitfalls.

Trying to be sober can seem like a herculean task if you’re an addict. Engaging the services of a therapist who specializes in mental health, addiction, and recovery will ensure it is not so hard staying sober. Remember that according to a 2017 national survey, 1 in 7 adults between the ages of 18-25 battled a substance use disorder while about 3.4 million young adults between the ages of 18-25 had an alcohol use disorder. There is a need to stay sober.

Finally, if you’re trying to stay sober in college, congratulations on having a mind of your own and trying to do the right thing. Even if you have been indulging in the past, that you have decided to quit is commendable. However, by now, you might have figured out that staying sober is not as easy as it sounds. This is because opportunities to drink abound, and it will require you to make a decision and sticking to it. You’d also need to always turn down these opportunities. This post contains some tips for staying sober in college. Feel free to write to us and share any helpful tips we didn’t include.