Our Goals

Our mission is to work very closely with our audiences to understand their needs and how they’re affected by alcohol throughout their lives, and how that affects their communities, as well as work, and school. Alcohol can impact teens in so many ways that they may not fully understand the impact themselves, or even realize it’s a problem. And sometimes it’s not immediately clear that there is a problem to be addressed.

That is our mission: To make it clear for teens, and their communities, to spot the problem, and to speak up to those teens when they feel it’s necessary. We want to educate teens by providing sources of information, conducted by alcohol-related studies, and share that information to teens, and communities. We want teens to be able to look to themselves and realize there is a problem, and we want to educate them the steps they can take to overcome those problems.

Also, we want to educate the community to identify when a teen is having trouble with alcohol. Sometimes a teen needs a close friend to speak up and let them know there is a problem. After all, many teens, unfortunately, grow up in environments where alcohol is a perfectly normal and acceptable substance to have. When that happens, their educational efforts will be impacted, as well as relationships with friends, and job prospects.

We encourage readers to write in and share their experiences with us, and the community. We want to know the stories that teens have, and how alcohol is impacting them, and more importantly, the steps they are taking to overcome these issues, and the challenges they face when overcoming these issues. We want to know the role that alcohol has in their lives, and how it relates to the relationship they have with their parents or their teachers, or with their boss. We also want to know what their environment is like each day that might contribute to their ongoing alcohol use, and what they can do to step away from those environments.

Furthermore, we will share alcohol-related studies, conducted by top universities, and other substance-abuse institutions who make it an effort of theirs to educate their communities about the impacts of alcohol, as well as the cause and effect of alcoholism. We encourage our readers to share these studies, as well as the stories from our readers with their own communities.

We will help you through this.