Student Support

We want our teens to thrive and become successful, and one of the best ways to become successful is to go to school and study hard and get good grades. That’s why we will work with the teens in our community to go back to school and work hard! We will offer plenty of support for students who need help in their classes and will help them find more help if they need to do that.

Tutor Sessions

We offer tutoring sessions here at the organization. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who will sit down with students and help them with their English or math work. Our volunteers went to college too, and they have degrees in these subjects and are very good at teaching students. We can help you with English classes of all levels, from freshman English, all the way to college level English. Same with math! Our tutors will help you all the way up to calculus.

Keep in mind, we only tutor in those two subjects, but we will help you find other tutors in science, art, and even language.

College Entrance Exams

We will help you with entrance tests for colleges, and we will help you write your entrance letter too. Getting into college is very stressful for students, so we understand how hard it is to do an excellent job on the test, or to write a persuasive essay. Also, we know many other teachers and tutors in the area who can also help out students, so we will get them in touch when

Career Assistance

Some students may have a career already planned out as they get older, so we have a team dedicated to helping students out with writing up their resumes and preparing for job interviews. We will also help them out with the job search. After all, every teen eventually becomes a young adult, and every adult knows how hard the job search can be. It’s almost as hard as getting into college!

We hope that our community will keep in mind that we have many resources for students to advance in their education, and also to help them find jobs. We work hard to help them with their alcohol problems, so when they get better, then we think they should be ready to get into the market and become productive citizens of society.